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Welcome Dealers

Please put in the password you were assigned in our Email notifying you that you were accepted as a Reseller or Dealer. You will be taken to our current listings.

If you are interested in becoming a Dealer, please send us an Email so stating, or click here for our application in PDF Format. Simply FAX it to us, and upon approval, you will receive the combination to access our pages.

All Dealer offerings are multiple units of anywhere from 5-30 Units. All laptops have been fully tested but are sold "As Is", with a 7 day DOA warrantee only. Restocking Fee is 15%, prorated over the entire order. If you have any questions, Email us before placing your order.

We are aware of our hard earned reputation, and very proud of it. We work very hard to satisfy every customer. Our Buyers are instructed to locate a varied product mix, with a pricing structure that has something to offer everyone. Just punch in the code number to view our current bulk inventory.