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Used Laptops, Refurbished Laptops, and Off-Lease notebook computers for sale....

Laptop Computers are truly wonderful, ---a great convenience, an empowering toy, a productivity tool, and a time management wonder. Work when you want to, when you can, where you want to, where you can. Instead of when and where "THEY" want you to.

Since 1997, we have been acquiring used laptops and off lease notebooks from all kinds of companies, large and small....from Arthur Anderson to Roger's Real Estate Appraisal. And over the years, we have developed a loyal following of buyers and resellers for these used notebook computer systems.

Top Laptops was established in 2000 to sell used laptops direct to the end user, and assure that this used laptop was properly tested, evaluated, and readied for final use. While this cuts out the middle man, a completely refurbished used notebook also assures the end user that any defective units were culled from the lot and eliminated from resale.

Originally, we would buy a "lot" of 75-200 used laptops at lease's end, and turn around and resell them en masse to liquidators, wholesalers and computer distributors. They generally "pieced" them out to the end customer such as Ebay sellers, without testing or refurbishing.Then on Ebay they are sold "As Is", without recourse.

But over the years we have learned to personally visit the companies we buy our used laptops from, and inspect the units that we buy beforehand. Now, we traditionally buy smaller 5-30 piece "lots" and resell about 50% of them retail from our mailing list, by this site or by referral. The rest we wholesale off, for cash flow purposes.

Our used laptop inventory turns over rapidly, and is ever changing. If we have it in stock today, we probably won't in a few days. In many cases, we post what we will be receiving next week, and much of it is pre-sold before we get it, so check our "Arriving Soon" area, and "What's New" area (on the left) if you do not see what you want today.

Please read our company policies, which spells out normal delivery times, shipping policies, requirements for those interested in becoming resellers, etc. If you are planning a purchase by Credit Card, please read the requirements we have placed on their use.

We usually have something for all pocketbooks, from $299-$1299. So enjoy your stay, shop awhile, and we hope you will find what you want. We can assure you that if you find it here, we will do all we can to make sure that you will be very satisfied with your used laptop purchase.


Your TopLaptops Staff